Who We Are

The Government Sourcing Group (GSG) provides comprehensive e-Sourcing services to public sector entities.

What We Do

Our unique suite of solutions has enabled our clients to shorten their contracting processes and negotiate lower costs across a wide spectrum of contract categories, ranging from commodities and purchased services to capital equipment and construction projects.

Who We Serve

Headquartered on the Connecticut shoreline, GSG is proud to be the sole source provider of e-Sourcing services to the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA). Contact us today for more information on how we can improve the efficiency and results of your contracting process.

GSG Solutions

The Government Sourcing Group’s focused approach to e-Sourcing goes beyond the traditional Software as a Service (SaaS) model, in that we provide your contracting department and end users with the comprehensive analytical and administrative support necessary to conduct successful e-Sourcing engagements. Our unique e-Sourcing tool is designed to meld seamlessly with your RFP process, no matter the type of contract being sourced.

  • Unparalleled Sourcing Support

    Unlike other solutions which only provide the e-Sourcing software, a dedicated GSG Project Manager will be assigned to handle all of the heavy lifting for the RFPs which you elect to conduct electronically. This dedicated support eliminates the hidden costs inherent in training and staffing requirements. By loading your RFPs into our electronic platform, performing analysis of all proposals, and acting as the designated point of contact for all proposers, we free up your contract managers from the burden of many of the administrative tasks characteristic of running RFPs, allowing them to concentrate on more productive tasks.

  • Completely Paperless

    The electronic distribution and collection of RFP documents and proposals streamlines the procurement process tremendously while simultaneously eliminating paper waste. Each competing supplier's pricing proposal, terms and conditions, and subsequent negotiations are stored securely on our platform, providing a crystal-clear audit trail and greatly enhancing transparency when compared with traditional paper-based procurements.

  • Detailed Analysis

    With all data collected electronically, side-by-side proposal comparisons can be performed instantaneously on GSG’s e-Sourcing platform. The impact of each proposer’s pricing and terms can easily be measured against your current contract, allowing you to assess the merits of each proposal quickly and easily.

  • Negotiate with Suppliers

    The speed and accuracy of GSG’s analytical capabilities enables stakeholders to provide feedback readily to potential suppliers, who can in turn respond to these requests quickly and accurately. The enhanced level of competition provided by e-Sourcing drives deeper savings than traditional negotiations, and in a fraction of the time.

  • Security Ensured

    GSG’s e-Sourcing platform is completely secure, restricting user access to only those individuals who are authorized to view the RFP materials. Each department within your organization is able to set up its own unique portal for its procurements, ensuring that sensitive information remains organized and protected. Built-in security features on the e-Sourcing platform prevent proposals from being viewed prior to the opening date.

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GSG Suppliers

GSG fully endorses value-based decisions. Our proprietary sourcing platform gives you the ability to put a fully customized, comprehensive proposal in the hands of decision makers. With GSG, your proposal is completely confidential, and all data is secure.

The Government Sourcing Group provides suppliers with all the advantages of a modern business tool:

  • Completely paperless process eliminates the need for printing and mailing bound hardcopies of proposals.
  • Comprehensive evaluation features enable clients to factor in all aspects of your proposal, including product quality and features, education and service programs, rebates, and other value-added items
  • Level playing field provides a genuine opportunity for your products and services
  • Allows identification of MBE / WBE status during registration process
  • Interactive negotiation feature provides access to key decision makers
  • Enables key stakeholders to provide real-time feedback on your proposals
  • Highly secure, encrypted site
  • Robust customer support that ensures your submission process is smooth
  • Shortened sales and award cycle

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As a registered service provider with GSG, you'll be eligible to participate in opportunities throughout our network of clients, including opportunities for our healthcare division, MedPricer.com. To register as a supplier, please click the Supplier Registration button.

GSG Login

The Government Sourcing Group's unique e-Sourcing Application brings public organizations and suppliers together like never before. The result is a streamlined, more transparent and efficient RFP process for all participants. Login here or click the applicable link below to register today.

  • Organizations:

    • GSG's flexible e-Sourcing solution is fully adaptable to your procurement practices and procedures.
    • Interact with Suppliers and receive updated proposals in real-time.
    • Use GSG's robust analytical features to evaluate Supplier proposals and provide feedback quickly and easily.

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  • Suppliers:

    • Submit proposals securely and easily electronically, with no more binders or printing necessary.
    • Create a fully detailed proposal, incorporating Service, Warranty, Rebates, and other Value Adds into your RFP responses.
    • Interact with key stakeholders and receive real-time feedback on your proposals.

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Working with Government Sourcing Group is easy! To schedule a web demonstration of our e-Sourcing solutions, please contact us today.

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